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Discovering God’s Grace

Matthew 14:22-33
Next week, we will begin a new sermon series on the Book of Daniel called “Kingdom Living In A Time Of Exile.” From September through November, we will walk together through this insightful and mysterious book of the Bible. Despite it’s cryptic nature at times, Daniel’s journey wonderfully dovetails with our recent exploration of the parables of the Kingdom of Heaven in Matthew, chapter 13. Please look forward to an encouraging and grace-filled adventure!

This Sunday, we will be blessed to hear from one of our own. Drew Hunthausen and his family are long time members of Grace but Drew’s story is unique and compelling. He will share the struggle and the joys of learning to truly depend on Christ — to truly walk not by sight but by faith in Jesus. His testimony of hope will come by way of his engagement with a very familiar passage in the Bible, Matthew 14:22 – 33. This story, ironically right after, Jesus’ teachings on the Kingdom, involves the disciple Peter and the invitation to walk on water.

In anticipation of this weekend, please let me introduce you to Drew.

In February of 1998, 11 year old Drew Hunthausen lay unresponsive in a coma that would last for 3 months, the result of bacterial meningitis. At one point earlier in his ordeal, doctors told Drew’s parents he would likely die or be a vegetable on a feeding tube. Many of our long time members may remember the prayer vigils and the tremendous support Drew and his family received here at Grace.
Miraculously Drew did wake up, but he now found himself blind and hearing impaired, and also endured multiple spinal and abdominal surgeries. The challenges in recovery have been many, but Drew has met them head on, and ultimately graduated from California State University Long Beach in 2012 (Sociology). In addition Drew is a blind snow skier, ocean swimmer, best-selling author, and will be participating in his first triathlon in October with the Challenged Athletes Foundation.

As a budding inspirational and motivational speaker, Drew delivers a message of faith, hope, and encouragement. Discovering God’s grace for your life is a daily endeavor that involves surrender and personal choice, and is a journey where you will come to believe that anything is possible! After hearing Drew share his remarkable story and inspirational message of the role faith and God have played in his challenging journey, you will no doubt walk away with a renewed sense of purpose and desire to walk with Jesus!

Grace to you!
Pastor Chris

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