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EXTRAordinary – jHub Sunday

One day, Jesus was teaching outside the temple and He brought a seemingly ordinary sight to His disciples’ attention: a woman was putting two small coins into the offering. They had been sitting there a while, and had seen (and heard) large amounts of money dropped in by others already, so this woman and her coins seemed quite insignificant. But Jesus thought differently:

“Truly I tell you,” he said, “this poor widow has put in more than all the others.”
(Luke 21:3)

A few weeks ago, my wife, Megan, and I were blessed to be able to lead a missions trip of 10 jr. high students down to San Diego for a week of learning about Jesus, growing to know Him more, and serving His mission in the city.

Throughout the course of the week, we had so many opportunities to see God take our very small offerings and turn them into extraordinary vehicles of His grace and power. Just like the woman, who trusted God with everything she owned, we have many stories of how trusting God with what we have brings about better results than we could have ever created.

Please enjoy some of our pictures from the missions trip by clicking here.

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